Summer Tour 2017 Begins June 22!

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Click above to see full schedule

Oh, hello, I didn't see you come in. But it's cool, I'm glad you're here, I have important news. My band is going on tour in a couple of weeks and I'm really excited about it. It's gonna be our first national tour. From June 21st to July 15th we're gonna be driving all over this big stupid country, spreading our "very passionate" and "surprisingly listenable" sounds wherever we go. 

We're going farther than we've ever been before, to wild and exotic places like Scranton, PA, Boulder, CO, Seattle, WA, Pheonix, AZ, Austin, TX, and Nashville. And many more. We'll be seeing old friends, like Out of System Transfer, and Dogtooth and Nail, and making new friends I'm sure. Our personalities are mostly serviceable, I'm not worried about making friends, it's gonna be fine. Everything is gonna be fine.

Ooh, I almost forgot. In just two days, June 10th, we're playing Xtreme Folk Fest At Country Creek Winery in Telford, PA. So, if you're near Telford on June 10th swing through we want to see your beautiful faces. Thank you.

Hmm, I guess that's all I've got. 

When I write these things I usually try to have some kind of hook, something to make it a little bit entertaining so it's not just a big self-serving info dump. Sorry I've got nothing this time, so here's a DIY nature documentary.


6/22 - NYC - Lantern Hall - 8pm

6/23 - Scranton - Irish Wolf Pub - 9pm

6/25 - Kansas City - The Hive - 7pm

6/26 - Boulder - Radish Collective - 8pm

6/27 - Spearfish - Moonshine Gulch - 7pm

6/29 - Index - Private Party

6/30 - Seattle - Blue Moon Tavern - 9pm

7/1 - Portland - Annares Infoshop and Community Space
More TBA

7/2 - Portland - Ash Street Saloon - 8pm

7/4 - Bend - Private Party

7/5 - Oakland - Stork Club - 8pm
More TBA

7/6 - LA - Private Showcase

7/7 - Phoenix - The Trunk Space - 7pm

7/8 - El Moro - Inscription Rock Trading Post & Coffee Co - 7pm

7/10 - Austin - The Sidewinder - 7:30pm

7/11 - Lafayette - Steam Press Cafe - 8pm

7/12 - Nashville - Bobby's Idle Hour - 9pm

7/13 - Lynchburg - Kegney Brothers Pub
More TBA

7/14 - York - Skid Row Garage - 7:30pm

7/15 - Amherst
More TBA