So in case you didn't know, we spent last week on the road, traveling up and down the east coast sharing our wonderful music and high-quality personalities with people and places of all sorts, and now we're back. It's good to be back. As exciting and edifying as it is to visit new places and experience the different ways people drive, at the end of the day, I'm a masshole, and there's just something about that blend of incompetence and senseless aggression on the road that you can't get anywhere else, and I just don't feel complete without it.

So anyway we're back now, and I'm still very much buzzing off all the crazy awesome shit we got into. I could write for hours about all the things that we did and the people we met but that would be really boring for anyone but myself and the other trolls so I won't do that. That would be boring, I understand (and this is coming from someone who enjoys watching paint dry). Instead, I'm just gonna share a couple of little stories, snapshots, to use a visual art metaphor. Vignettes, to use another.

A fellow in Tompkins square park in Manhattan said we play "colorado funk". We gave him a cd and he asked us to sign it so we did. We asked how we could keep in touch and he said that sometimes you only meet people once in a lifetime. I think that means we smelled bad.

We spent an afternoon in midtown manhattan with a crowd of climate justice protesters outside the office of a senator who apparently kind of agrees with what we were saying and it made me feel really weird about my relationship with our country's various political institutions. Also FERC is a bunch of a bullshit.

The authority figures at the city park we busked at in Philadelphia, PA told us how to break the busking rules.

The authority figures as the state park we stayed at in Greenbelt, MD told us how to break the fire rules.

All told, we probably pulled fifty ticks off ourselves in the three days we stayed in Greenbelt and now we probably all have lyme disease. Fun fact, the visceral horror of having a tiny organism digging into your flesh and drinking your blood wears off surprisingly fast.

Virginia beach is an unmitigated fucking hellhole and you absolutely cannot busk there.

Norfolk, VA, might be one of the coolest places I've ever been. They have a movie rental place that's basically the parthenon of DVDs. They've got shit organized by genre, subgenre, nationality, director, and a selection that I didn't even think was possible to have in one place in this day and age. And they actually get a lot of business. We played in front of the place for a few hours and people were continuously going in and out with DVDs in their hands the whole time. Netflix has nothing on that shit.

Anyway, thanks for reading my news article. I'm tired.