Noise Complaint Debuts!

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 1.19.32 PM.png

For those of you (and I know there are a whole lot of you) who are already excited about our new video series, 'Noise Complaint', I don't feel the need to preface what you're about to see. Just watch and enjoy. Seriously........go nuts, show your friends, make them show their friends. Use the internet to spread the good news. You know what to do.

For the rest of you, here's the short version...

We've been shooting videos, at home and abroad, of bands we like. We've played music with them, and we've talked with them about what we do. Then we take those videos and we show them to you. The interviews are to edify, and the music is to entertain, but sometimes it's the other way around. This is our first episode. It's set in Philadelphia, PA in late winter. The band is Driftwood Soldier, the best mandolin/bass gutterfolk duo in west Philly right now. Possibly on the whole east coast.

There are going to be more of these videos coming very soon. The next one is going to be with Brook Pridemore, who lives in Brooklyn, NY. We here at Troll 2 are very excited for the future, and it's almost only because of 'Noise Complaint'.