We've had a lot of fun these last couple years playing shows within fifty miles of Boston. We've done a bunch and we're gonna do a whole bunch more because we love them. Yep, playing shows within fifty miles of Boston is great! You know what else is great? Puppies! Ice cream! Finding a community of people who accept you for who you are where you can we're going on tour where you can express yourself! Open and honest dialogue we're going on tour dialogue, communication we're going, mutual under on standing we're going on tour.

Your subjectivity is unique. No other human being experiences reality in exactly the same way.
For the next couple week (sic) we're gonna be heading down the east coast, stopping to bother people in such exotic locales as New York City, famous for its size, as well as other respectable cities, such as Washington D.C., where that insufferably law-abiding dickhead you went to high-school with is deputy-assistant-bootlicker for the junior senator from the great state of Who-Gives-A-Fuck, oh but he's doing something with his life, yeah, he's really accomplishing shit. 

And we're gonna be playing a show in Norfolk, Virginia, which I don't know anything about but I'm sure its gonna be great.
You'll be hearing more from us as we get (t)rolling along (I'm sorry [I'm not sorry]). Until then, know that You're in our hearts, and our minds, and our souls.

Here's the whole schedule: (click to see more info)