Greetings friends!

If you read the last exciting news update, as I'm sure you all did, you may have noticed my subtle foreshadowing of exciting games to be. Well now the time is upon us. In anticipation of the release of our upcoming record, we are inviting anyone and everyone to participate in the first officially sanctioned Troll 2 art contest. 
Every day, starting next today, we will release the title of a track from the new album, and we're asking you, the artists of the world, the best minds of our generation, the beating heart of our collective human soul, to come up with a visual interpretation of what the title sounds like to you. Any media is acceptable. We at Troll 2 think MS paint is the greatest thing since Betty White. But yeah, just fuckin go nuts.

Once we post the song title, you'll have 24 hours to post your picture to our Facebook page, as a comment or as its own post, and tag us. That way, we'll definitely see it.

And what, you may ask, will the winner or winners receive? I'm glad you asked that question, hypothetical inquisitive friend! First off, because we're millenials and we're terrible, everyone who participates in the first officially sanctioned Troll 2 official art contest will receive the Troll 2 seal of approval. Do with it what you wish. After that, the creator of what we deem to be the best picture of each day will receive the Troll 2 seal of approval, premium plus edition. I don't think I have to tell you what you can do with that puppy. Ha! And finally, the artist behind what we consider the best piece in the contest will receive a super secret special prize that totally exists I swear. Seriously.

So in conclusion, our new album "Inheritance" is coming out on April 15th and it's gonna be great and you're great, and good luck to all the participants in the first officially sanctioned official Troll 2 official art contest. It's a real thing!