Hello friends. I have some exciting news for you today. It is my utmost pleasure to officially announce that the wait is over. Months of hard work (facilitated by the lovely folks at The Record Company, and in collaboration with our charming, talented audio engineer Cal Brockie) have paid off, and I can now say with absolute certainty that our sophmore album, "INHERITANCE", will be released on APRIL 15th of this year.
This full-length album will feature a delightful variety of sounds and ideas for you to consider (including the fine instrumental work of Rick Farrell and Scott O'Grady), visually stimulating artwork, and a single crumb from the God-baby Nihilanth’s brain (which, when consumed, will provide you with knowledge of all things). You see, we at Troll 2 think that knowledge is very important. We want everyone to have knowledge.
Want to know what Bill Murray told Scarlett Johansson at the end of "Lost in Translation"? Get our new album. 
Want to know what Julius Ceasar's breath smelled like right before he made his last official state appearance? Get our new album. 
Want to see the look on your great(10^x)-grandmother's face when she first climbed out of her burrow to realize that fire from the sky had wiped out the lizard kings, and the age of mammals had begun? I think you get the picture. 
In conclusion: get our album. It's great, and you'll become omniscient. And in the meantime, since we know an entire month is a long time to wait for godlike intellectual superpowers, we have some fun activities planned. You'll see.