Hello world, and a fine lorem motherfucking ipsum to you all.

The Troll 2 Blog is back.  I know saying that doesn’t mean anything to you; just more empty promises from the ones who have hurt you, over and over and over, but this time we mean it.  With the new website will come newly regularified blog posts, usually in the form of simple news updates.

I would refer you to the tried-and-true method of using rigid organizational structures to unify and homogenize, even as you divide and hyper-classify.  It has worked so many times with the rabble of commoners, and it is now working with Troll 2′s social media.

Facebook has been relegated as a place to give folks minite-by-minute updates of important Troll 2 related things, upcoming shows, and stuff we think you should know about.

Tumblr is the place for real ‘News’ style stuff, and will serve as the framework for the news page on the new website (Most of the same information will probably show up on Facebook, but here we will put it in a form more palatable for individuals with attention spans more than 5.7 seconds).

Finally, Twitter has been set aside as a place for Chris to poor out all the darkness inside of him when it becomes to much for him to bear.

These are all important parts about running a band.  It’s hard work I tell you!  Don’t let any of these hacks like Kiss or Aerowsmith or AC/DC tell you that Rock’N’Roll is about fun, partying, loose women or imbibings.  No.  It’s about hard fucking work.  It’s about the sweat of your brow and the brokenness of your old, shitty skeleton.

Thanks, for reading, and for understanding.