This is an announcement. This is news. This is an important event that you are now aware of. Welcome to your new reality, a reality in which you are in possession of this brand new piece of information you've been without for your entire life. Welcome to the reality in which you are aware of the existence of our new record, "Inheritance", which was discretely added to the global collective consciousness some time in the last week.

We are very happy with this record. It was the product of relentless toil and unnecessary bloodshed and now it can be yours to own or experience whenever you so choose and I hope you choose to do so soon. Dear fucking jesus where do I even begin with this thing, there's so much going on. We talk about politics, but mostly in a kind of indirect way. Like, you'll have a song about someone doing something, or interacting with someone, and that action or interaction is shaped by the political reality of our world, but we don't force it down your throat. For the most part. We've got guest musicians. Rick Farrell, who you might know from The Dancing Nancy's and Yucca Flats, and Scott O'Grady, who you might know from the same bands, and from being Chris's dad, both contribute instrumental performances, the former on steel drums and the latter on the dobro. It's fuckin fantastic. God damnit I'm so excited I'm losing my grip on reality.

So, I could go on all day about how happy I am and how beautiful and magical the world is but I know you're a busy person and I respect your time so I'm gonna wrap it up now with just a few more words. We worked very hard on this record and it came out sounding fucking badass. You can buy it, or listen to it for free on bandcamp, itunes, spotify and reverbnation, and I really want you to do that, because this record is very good and I think you'll enjoy it and I want your money. That's all I have to say. Thank you.