The official “Boulder” music video is finally here, and sure enough it looks great! Prince Abaingbe of JK Snoddy Productions has outdone himself once again with the cinematography. It was a tough shoot for all of us. We got thrown off the property of our first location and had to start from scratch with only a few hours of daylight left. We dealt with some seriously erratic weather, including some snow flurries, (in mid October mind you) and my poor wife was forced into service last minute to run our playback system, which was made of a cell phone and converted motor boat battery. Despite all of this we not only produced a great video, but also had an absolute blast playing music out in the cold and tossing stuff into a big dirty pit.

I feel like this video speaks as well for itself as the song does, and to use the words of our very own Chris O’Grady, I got over artist’s intent a long time ago, but I still feel like I have to say something about what this video means to me.

Thing is, it wasn’t meant to mean much at all to begin with. We wanted to find a place that would serve as a cool looking background and get some really nice, poppy looking footage of us playing one of our more popular songs, but as Chris and I were location scouting we realized that we were looking for more than a neat back drop, and were actually looking for a real setting, in the narrative sense.

I think the story in the song is something that most people can build themselves into. It really could be told in any place, at any time, with anyone in any of the characters' positions, but for Chris and I this song is set firmly in southern Massachusetts. As we spent a whole day looking for a place to shoot we ended up inadvertently taking a tour of our own personal histories, and particularly winding up in places that we had mixed memories of.

“Boulder” is all about mixed memories. One commonality between the two locations we ended up at on the day of the shoot was the graffiti: a mix of pseudo-inspirational rhetoric and blunt adolescent profanity blending together into an unconvincing illusion of street smarts, that was still somehow endearing to us. Heart, Soul, Blood, Sweat, Tears, Piss and Vinegar. This pokes right at what I think is the central contradiction that makes Punk Rock such a wonderful thing. “I want justice! I want to be a part!” It’s deep, but it’s dumb. With a song as dramatic as “Boulder” it’s tempting to go full-on melancholy with the visuals, but we decided to put some fun and light hearted stuff in as a reflection of this contradiction. It’s a song out of feeling a deep connection to a place that I couldn’t wait to run away from and of missing someone I’d probably rather never see again. It’s nostalgia for something you’d like to forget.

After playing the song as many times as I have for the past five years I had started to lose touch with what it’s about. Doing the video has put it back in focus for me, and I think the mix of emotions portrayed have actually helped me make new sense out of a greater subtext to everything we do as Troll 2.

But fuck that boring, sappy shit. You should watch this video a bunch of times, spread it around on social media, show it to your friends, show it to your family, write about it in your forum, or your zine, or your national publication…whatever.

Just enjoy it, and if you’re inclined, help a bit to get it out there into that great big world.

Thanks, Brian Fitzgerald