As you might have heard last week, Troll 2 has been quietly hard at work while we’ve been on an Autumnal “Hiatus” of sorts. [scroll down for evidence] Between guitarist Chris O’Grady currently being at Standing Rock, and bassist Brian Fitzgerald’s artistic relocation to the South Shore, we have been abnormally non-performative these past few months. We know, we miss you too. But don’t worry! We are happy to announce that we have been extraordinarily busy behind the scenes. It is with great pleasure that we unveil two of these projects!

The first is that we are officially announcing the arrival of our third music video, Lois Long off of our 2016 album “Inheritance”! Arriving on December 20th, it captures the iconic spirit of the 1920’s flapper and journalist, Lois Long (1901-1972).  The first female journalist at The New Yorker magazine, Long chronicled the decadence of NYC’s Prohibition Era with biting satire, all under the pseudonym Lipstick.  

We filmed it at the historic Fenway Studios, with filmmaker Prince Aibangbe. Lois Long the music video will be arriving on December 20th, 2016. Just in time to angrily agitate everyone for Trump’s inauguration (#notmypresident). We would also take this time to thank all the many, wonderful Trolls who came out and participated in the party scene! You know who you are.

The second announcement is that guitarist Chris O’Grady will be reporting live from Standing Rock, ND, for the next month! He will have his own personal blog available, and prospectively with Somerville’s local access SCA-TV following his return. With the main road blocked into the Hunkpapa Oyate and Yanktonai Dakota Reservation, he is currently located at the Oceti Sakowin camp, and is very grateful to everyone. He says that the community of Standing Rock is “amazing beyond anything I could have imagined”.  Please stay tuned for further developments on the Oceti Sakowin camp’s eviction notice, and first-person accounts of the ongoing violence. It is also encouraged to support the ongoing #NoDAPL struggle by taking action and giving monetarily, considering that this is an active war zone.

Until we see you again on December 20th for the arrival “Lois Long”, we send you much love. We cannot wait to see you at one of our upcoming winter shows.

Let us leave you with the words of Lois Long, “We might die tomorrow, so let’s get drunk and make love”.