Troll 2 was conceived in spring of 2013, gestated over the summer, and finally popped out in November (562.2 lbs! What a lil’ peanut!). That first winter we were still acting with understanding that Troll 2 was some kind of joke that we were playing on the audience and it wasn’t really worth it for us to bring our instruments outside if it was less then 40 degrees out, so we didn’t gig until the spring. The next winter, we had lost Sam to Texas and Zoé was away slummin’ USA style, and the rest of us felt highly inadequate without them, so once again, we laid low until things got warm. Winter of 2015 I have almost no memory of, but I’m pretty sure we didn’t play a lot of shows. I’d know. I’d definitely know.

The point is, Troll 2 has made a tradition out of sitting out the scene for a month or two around the holidays. We think it has something to do with the fact that hanging out with all these crusties has brought our base urges to the surface and we’ve started to lightly hibernate. Whatever the reason though, we’ve decided to take this previously unintentional practice into our own hands, and this year we will be sitting out the winter harder and better then ever before! That’s right. You just can’t hold us down. Everything we do, we do all the way.

The main excuse for our conspicuous absence this upcoming holiday season will be that our Guitarist and official band Chaplain Chris O’Grady will be logging an extended stay at Standing Rock in North Dakota, adding his mind and body to the collective strength of the nearly 10,000 people who are currently there blocking the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The rest of us have other shit to do to. For example I am going to take the time off to finish my cartoon about dreams, which is totally just as cool and important.

Now, I know you’re saying “Where am I going to get my Troll 2 fix now? I’ve already listen to both these albums 25,000 times and watched all these music videos so much that I see them in my sleep! I will literally die without Troll 2!” I know you’re saying that, and it’s all absolutely true; but don’t worry, we got you! We’ve got plenty of cool junk planned for the winter, including the release of a new music video (Omigod! So great!) and maybe some other stuff (Don’t even really know what it is yet! But it’s gonna be soooo cooool!!!). Also, for the duration of Chris’s stay in North Dakota, the Troll 2 twitter feed will serve as a direct news feed from the frontlines at Standing Rock, as well as continuing it’s previous function as the sounding board for all my personal anxieties.

Now, I know you’ve been let down before; a band says they are taking some time off and you never hear from them again. But please, stick with us and let us teach you how to trust again. I assure you that we will be back in the new year, touring like dancing fools with a buttload of new material. Until then, just keep fighting that good fight.