New Single with Absinthe Rose, Come On In

Today, we're releasing a track we collaborated with Kimbo from Absinthe Rose. I heard her play it at a show Troll 2 and Absinthe Rose did together a while back, and was kinda blown away by it. The words were simple and few, but regardless resonated for us in a way that sometime only a few simple words can do. "Come on in and see my darkness, for what it truly is. Go far down until you can't recognize yourself."

Yup, been there. And I will visit it again, probably later today. I had the pleasure of producing it at my humble Monkey Palace Studio, and lemme just say Kimbo is a fuckin treat to work with!! She sweats and bleeds positive energy in a way few artists I've ever met do, and damn can she sing. But you already knew that, if you've heard the track.

Give it a listen, share it around, download it and sneak it onto the playlist at work. We had a lot of fun making this, and we hope you get something out of it, too.